Tuesday, November 3, 2009

4:30 a.m. and it just hit me

Good morning. Wow, it feels like 2 years ago when I opened Blooma and I would lay awake in bed for hours and hours with my head spinning with excitement and nervousness. It is all happening again as the "Blooming in Uganda Gala" drawers closer and closer.

There are so many things that keep me awake and full of questions about the night.....but like I say to all of my mamas, "trust and breathe and it will all be fine". Hard to take that advice when I am hosting over 200 people at the Weisman to raise the rest of the $20K for the birthing mothers of Uganda and it is less then 2 weeks and away and there is still so much work to be done. And, all of it will be done. From the ordering the flowers, to getting more people to rsvp, to making sure we have enough food and beverages, to wondering what time the volunteers are coming.....wow, it is all going to get done. One day at a time (and god knows I am a procrastinator).

What keeps me grounded at these moments when my head is spinning is thinking about the mom that is home alone while she labors and births her baby in Uganda. She has no accesses to medical care of something were to arise. We all know that Blooma and I trust in birth, but I also trust that woman have the support around them if something were to arise. What about the woman that is walking at 4am to a hospital over 10 miles away so she can be supported? That is the woman that needs the Shanti Uganda Birth Center and needs the $20k that Blooma is raising, so that she can be safe and birth her baby with dignity.

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OK, let me see if I can try to close my eyes and get a few more moments of rest before the day begins and the things-to-do list is tackled!

Lots of love,