Friday, October 23, 2009

3 Weeks from tonight....where will you be?! The Gala at the Weisman!

Tonight though... I am home and cozy. Well, my sister and Nick's home. My house is being "rented" this month on behalf of a new baby (long story for another day). Anyway, a cozy Friday night (to bad FNL is not on), and Nick and I are hanging at the Browns dining room having a brew and a glass of red wine just thinking about where we will be 3 weeks from tonight......THE WEISMAN!

I have spent many hours today at this table. I had visits form Lauren (my "assistant" for the fall), my mom, the nephews..... and a BIG stack of silent auction donations for the gala. It has been a great day and I am in awe of all of the donations. We will have everything from Nan and Steele's Landscape Love (winter/holiday garden pots), to dinner at Heidi's, Vikings tickets, massages and on and on. You will not be disappointed. (I am already getting ready for my bid on the Dec 13th Vikings game in honor of my Dec 15th Birthday).

I am off to bed soon as I have a big day tomorrow:
8:00 Yoga at Blooma with Kim (if you can't make that head to lulu for Nan's free class at 9:30)
9:30 Blooming in Uganda: PRENATAL YOGA
My usual prenatal class tomorrow is donation based and offering up our practice for the sweet mamas of Uganda (and watching the Uganda birth video and moving to special beats from a fabulous Uganda band). Come one come all!
11:00 Childbirth Collective Meeting to encourage them to come to "Doulas in Uganda" a special event on Monday night at Blooma
1:00 Belly Cast and Meeting with my next client due on 11/6
4:00 Back to Blooma for a sample sale and yoga class with Kaja Foat! Again, a donation class that you will not want to miss.
6:30 Home to watch the boys
7:30 Down to Brits to see my brother Blake in action and drinking his Crispin Hard Cider (that will be served at the Gala).

OK, enough.... no my bad spelling and punctuation errors. Of to bed!

Thanks to all for the love and support!
I think we sold another 10 tickets to the gala today!
AND I sent in another $1,000 to Off the Mat.

hugs and kisses,

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