Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Back from a fantastic night of INSPIRATION from Deepak Chopra. It is crazy when you really think about our minds and our intentions and how we can change so many things if we simply stop and be present with our souls and truly move from a place of love.

Speaking of.....The 2009 Off the Mat Seva challenge group (which there are 124 of) have already raised $314,000!!!!! 80% of these funds go directly to Uganda! Can you believe it?

Out of the 124 there may be 5, or 20 or over 55 that go to Uganda in February. BUT to go you have to raise the $20k.

So.... you must be wondering "How much has Blooma raised in the 4 plus weeks that we have been in action"? Well, let me be the honored one to tell you we (that means you) have raised over $8,000! I am over the moon with the response and the support.

We have over $12.000 to go though in less then 8 weeks so come get on bored......sign up today for the Gala and lots of other great workshops we have over the 2 months at Blooma.

For more info and to register for the Gala please click here and scroll to November:

***Tickets are limited so I encourage you to move fast peeps!

What else???? So many things/thoughts/feelings to share but I am wiped after a great long day at the studio. Off to bed with my new Deepak book.

But before I go I wanna share this link with you so that you may see the work that needs to be done in Uganda (not sure how this whole blog thing works with links and what not so please let me know if I am doing something wrong. New to this whole thing don't forget):


Love to you all.
Sleep well,

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